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March 2
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One Day Business Plan™

THE One Day Business Plan™ can be used to summarize your business proposition when time is of essence. It also provides an excellent first step to getting your thoughts organized -- a suitable road map for a more comprehensive plan. You can also use this mini-plan to pitch your business idea to potential investors or partners, especially those who don't have time to read a hefty 30 page proposal.

Read an article on the "One Day Business Plan."

View a sample of the "One Day Business Plan."

Download a printable PDF version of: The One Day Business Plan™ worksheet.

NOTE: The above worksheet is one page. Additional planning worksheets for The One Day Business Plan™ are featured in the Third Edition of Successful Business Planning in 30 Days.

Sample One Day Business Plan for 
"Usable Web Design Company"


Vision: Within the next seven years, grow UWDC from a part-time hobby venture into a $1 million national consulting firm specializing in usable web design for content providers, educational institutions, and corporations. 

Why now? Over the next five years, Internet traffic is projected to double every six months (source: Dr. L. G. Roberts, Packetcom Inc., 2000), resulting in millions of new users and billions of new web pages. Usability middleman are needed to bridge the "gap" between "content" and "code" specialists to deliver high quality content to consumers in the quickest, easiest, and most need-sensitive manner possible. 

Company Goals

Mission: Help organizations and companies deliver content that is easy to access, navigate, and assimilate.
  • Develop a web content, usability, and readability checklist.
  • Write a book: Usable Web Design - 101 Secrets and Strategies.
  • Develop proprietary strategies to imprint "brand" using "design.

Brand Promise: Be recognized as a premier "web content" and "information architecture" specialist in Singapore and North America.


  • Use company website as a virtual business card and portfolio.
  • Develop a network of colleagues and industry professionals.
  • Use first clients to define services and build reputation.
  •  Do low profit, high profile jobs to build momentum.
  • Write a critically acclaimed book to establish expertise and credibility.
  • Leverage "usable content design" expertise into "brand imprinting."
  • Expand into the design of "usable e-commerce portals" once established.


  • Get five client contracts to generate revenues of $30,000 for FY 2003.
  • Establish a client base of at least 10 companies by 12/2004.
  • Keep personal company overhead to 15% of revenues.
  • Keep outsourcing costs to less than 35% of revenues.· Sell at least 10,000 books by 12/2005 for revenues of $40,000.
  • Attract at least three Fortune 1000 companies as clients by 12/2006.
  • Earn a pretax profit of $500,000 for FY 2009.


  • Secure domain names for company name and book title by June/02.
  • Create website "virtual business card" by 9/01/02.
  • Develop business card and stationery by 10/01/02.
  • Get first client by 10/28/02.
  • Get first industry contact by 12/31/02.
  • Develop a 101 point usability and readability checklist by Q1 2003.
  • Write draft for book by Q2 2003.
  • Self-publish end of Q4 2003.
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