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May 22
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Entrepreneurs Guide Book Series
Personal Planning Guidebooks

SMALL BUSINESS Planning & Information Guides from The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series. User Agreement

  1. (Index)
    Discovering if YOU Have Entrepreneurial Talent
    Defines the meaning of entrepreneur. Describes who should and shouldn't become an entrepreneur. Lists 29 questions readers can ask themselves to determine if they have entrepreneurial talent. Summarizes personality traits and characteristics common to successful entrepreneurs.
    204K 34p.

  2. (Index)
    Developing MOTIVATIONAL Skills
    Summarizes the three basic functions of the brain and how this theory can be applied to everyday situations. Describes how to trigger yourself into powerful states of mind to function at peak efficiency and how to remove irrational fears and behaviors. Concludes by providing 23 additional strategies when all other strategies fail. This guidebook is a gem. A collection of the best motivational strategies ever. 
    207K 37p.

  3. (Index)
    Developing TIME MANAGEMENT Skills
    Outlines an easy-to-follow 5-Step Time Management Program. Presents 49 strategies on how to get more out of each business day: how to save time and how to avoid wasting time. Explains the "Nine-Minute Rule" and shows you how to apply it to everyday life.
    220K 37p.  

  4. (Index)
    STUDYING the Lives of Successful People
    Provides 26 mini-biographies of some of the most colorful and successful entrepreneurs of the past 100 years including: Charles Atlas, Joe Cossman, Thomas Edision, Henry Ford, Malcolm Forbes, Bill Gates, Charles Givens, Madonna, Oprah, Ron Popeil, and Sam Walton. Complete with famous quotes from each. Also, shows you how to model and emulate the greats to further your own goals and dreams. A very inspirational and informative read.
    192K 27p.

  5. (Index)
    Fine-tuning LEADERSHIP & MANAGERIAL Skills
    Outlines 34 qualities of effective leaders and 42 qualities of effective managers. This guidebook is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their ability to manage and lead their company to a more successful future.
    173K 27p.

  6. (Index)
    Sharpening SELLING & NEGOTIATING Skills
    Presents 15 ways you can read peoples' minds by understanding non-verbal cues in formal and informal situations. Also, provides more than 90 strategies you can use to develop your selling and negotiating skills, including "Successful Selling in Ten Easy Steps" and "How to Turn Contradictions Built into Human Nature into Golden Selling Opportunities." This guidebook is a must-read for improving your selling skills.
    294K 71p.

  7. (Index)
    Creating a RESOURCE READING Library
    Summarizes over 80 highly recommended small business related books worth reading, most of which can be found and read for free at your local library. Also, recommends more than a dozen books worth buying, and three books every entrepreneur should have on his or her bookshelf. Provides 10 additional resource reading and book buying strategies. If you're looking to build a small business resource library, this guidebook is the place to start. All the research is done for you.
    322K 42p.

  8. (Index)
    Designing a Customized BUSINESS PLANNER
    Shows you in four easy steps how to create your own personal business planner using OUR collection of 39 business forms and YOUR printer. Provides a brief summary of each form as well as tips and strategies on how to get the most out of your business planner. Includes 11 planning & organization forms, 13 accounting forms, 11 market testing & analysis forms, and 4 basic business transaction forms (the following guidebook is meant to supplement our Business Planning Workbook--unfortunately, it does not replace it).
    388K 60p.
    1. Daily Planner
    2. Idea Organizer
    3. Important Contacts
    4. Customer Records
    5. Project Priority
    6. Project Planner
    7. Business Plan Outline
    8. Personal Income Statement
    9. Personal Net Worth Statement
    10. Cash Flow Statement
    11. Three Year Income Projection
    12. General Journal
    13. General Ledger
    14. Daily Cash Sheet
    15. Weekly Sales & Cash Report
    16. Synoptic Ledger
    17. Trial Balance Worksheet
    18. Income Statement
    19. Balance Sheet
    20. Cost of Goods Sold for Manufacturers
    21. Asset Depreciation Record
    22. Inventory "In-Stock" Record
    23. Period Ending Inventory Record
    24. Bank Reconciliation
    25. Product Costs Sheet
    26. Request for Printing Quotation
    27. Direct Mail Promotions Cost Sheet
    28. GM, BE, ROI & Projected Profit Sheet
    29. Graphical Analysis Sheet
    30. Daily Record of Responses
    31. Direct Mail Promotion Record
    32. Newspaper & Magazine Ad Record
    33. Item & Media Effectiveness Record
    34. Gross Catalog Analysis Sheet
    35. Catalog Item Sales Analysis Sheet
    36. Purchase Order
    37. Sales Order
    38. Invoice
    39. Return Authorization Form

  9. (Index)
    Supercharging Promising Projects with a PLAN of ACTION
    Shows readers by example, how to put together an plan of action. Presents eleven methods some humorous, some serious.
    267K 35p.

  10. (Index)
    Setting-up a HOME OFFICE
    Gives practical common-sense tips on how to choose office supplies and equipment such as bookshelves, desks, computers, multi-function peripherals and filing cabinets. Includes a handy electronic checklist.
    163K 16p.

  11. (Index)
    Writing a BUSINESS PLAN
    Explains the importance of writing a business plan. Gives guidelines on what it should look like, how long it should be, and what essential components it should contain. Outlines an easy-to-follow 5 part business plan structure similar to the one used by the U.S. Small Business Administration (not nearly as complete nor as comprehensive as our easy-to-use Business Planning Workbook, but it does provide the basics).
    283K 72p.

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days combines the best features and benefits of the The Entrepreneurs' Guidebook Series  in an easy-to-use format! It is a key tool in getting you informed, getting you motivated, and getting your business plan written and your business started!

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