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March 2
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Entrepreneurs Guide Book Series
Company Planning Guidebooks

SMALL BUSINESS Planning & Information Guides from The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series. User Agreement

  1. (Index)
    Learning Why Companies SUCCEED and Why They FAIL
    Outlines 34 characteristics successful companies have in common, 12 reasons why companies fail due to management blunders and 33 specific characteristics of unsuccessful companies. Also, contains numerous graphs and charts. No business should start without reading this guidebook first.
    510K 45p.

  2. (Index)
    Exploring TOP BUSINESSES of the Future
    Identifies ten top business areas of the future. Explains why these areas look promising. Also, identifies six types of businesses most would-be and start-up entrepreneurs are better off avoiding. Informative read.
    308K 23p.

  3. (Index)
    Selecting PROFITABLE Small Business PRODUCTS & SERVICES
    Lists over 2000 profitable small business products & ideas under 24 areas of classification. Highlights dozens of success stories. This comprehensive guidebook is a gold mine of small business ideas.
    927K 93p.

  4. (Index)
    Researching HOT NEW IDEAS for Products & Services
    Describes the process of market research. Shows how to collect primary data using survey, observation, experimental, and investigative methods. Lists over 200 places to look for secondary data including government centers, on-line databases, trade directories and other reference works. Highly useful resource.
    796K 81p.

  5. (Index)
    EVALUATING Business Opportunities
    Under eight categories of analysis, ranging from market demand to profit potential, lists 80 product & service "drill" questions. Outlines four methods of evaluating entrepreneurial ventures. Includes a summary list of what makes a profitable product or service, as well as, two printable evaluation forms. Very comprehensive. Gives you an excellent idea of what makes a business idea worth pursuing.
    429K 39p.

  6. (Index)
    Finding the Best BUSINESS LOCATION
    Highlights over 50 factors that entrepreneurs need to consider when choosing a location site. Also, discusses special location concerns for different types of businesses and the pros and cons of 20 types of locations (e.g., mall locations, downtown locations and neighbor strip mall locations). Concludes by providing renovation strategies, tips for designing floor plans, and reasons for creating a good mailing address. Contains numerous helpful checklists, 2 fill-in-the-blank "Choosing a Location" forms, and floor-plan diagrams.
    571K 59p.

  7. (Index)
    Choosing the Right LEGAL FORMATION
    Shows the pros and cons of forming a sole-proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Also, discusses forming a limited partnership, joint venture or a U.S. sub-chapter S-corporation.
    390K 35p.

  8. (Index)
    NAMING Your Company & Products
    Contains 26 twenty strategies for naming a company (with examples) and 13 strategies for naming a company product or service (with examples). Also outlines 8 christening don'ts, such as: "Don't be cute" and "Don't get carried away with alliteration and other linguistic tricks."
    162K 19p.

  9.  (Index)
    Gives 7 reasons why every company needs a logo. Shows how to design a logo in 8 easy steps, a business card in 5 easy steps, and business stationary in 5 easy steps. Also, describes 6 commonly used special effects to add pizzazz to your designs.
    280K 28p.

  10. (Index)
    Writing a Company SLOGAN & MISSION STATEMENT
    Gives 12 strategies for writing great slogans (provides numerous examples) as well as 7 slogan writing pitfalls. Explains the importance of having a well-defined mission statement, how long a mission statement should be, and how to write a mission statement in four easy steps. Concludes with a short story called the "Naked Peach" which underscores the importance of having a central purpose in life, the simpler the better.
    200K 28p.

  11. (Index)
    Discusses how a business can incorporate basic communication systems into their operations from answering machines to 800 numbers. More specifically, this guidebook discusses whether or not a business should install a dedicated fax line, how to improve business telephone etiquette, and the pros and cons of basic telephone services such as call-waiting, voice mail, and call forwarding.
    184K 29p.

  12. (Index)
    Selecting Computer SOFTWARE
    Explains what computer software can do for you and what it can't. Helps you choose an operating system, basic business software and specialized business applications. Highlights database, spreadsheet and word processing programs as well as accounting packages, contact management programs, office suites, shareware and much more. Concludes with 23 software-buying tips.
    256K 55p.

  13. (Index)
    Buying Computer HARDWARE
    Explains 5 basic types of computer systems, the ten essential components of all computers and over a dozen highly recommended options. Includes more than 20 descriptions of other computer goodies and accessories worth considering. Also gives a step-by-step procedure for putting together your own computer from scratch.
    411K 110p.

  14. (Index)
    Getting CONNECTED
    Provides tips on how to buy a fax/modem. Shows you what to look for when selecting an Internet service provider. Also explains the five major components of a network and how easy it can be to install your own local area network.
    243K 54p.

  15. (Index)
    Getting PRINTED
    Provides tips and strategies for working with printers. Explains basic binding processes and how to choose paper. Describes printing design & layout terminology. Provides three easy-to-use printing quotation forms.
    280K 47p.

  16. (Index)
    Avoiding the COMPUTER BLUES
    Provides more than 50 tips and strategies to help you avoid the hardware, software, carpal tunnel syndrome and computer crime blues.
    167K 24p.

  17. (Index)
    Adopting an Easy-to-Use ACCOUNTING SYSTEM
    Discusses the importance of setting-up an accurate and easy-to-use accounting system. Reviews the basics of the accounting cycle. Provides two easy-to-use accounting systems, including forms, as outlined in American and Canadian tax and small business guides. Also details where to go to obtain popular paper-based and computer software systems. Gives 19 strategies for getting the most out of your accounting system.
    723K 163p.

  18. (Index)
    Managing INVENTORY
    Details the specifics of controlling and monitoring inventory. Shows how to use and fill-in the two most important record-keeping forms of any inventory control system: a "Period Ending Inventory Record" as well as "Inventory 'In-Stock' Record." 
    306K 62p.

  19. (Index)
    Setting-up an Efficient ORDER ENTRY System
    Provides strategies to help you process and keep track of customer orders. Shows how to simplify the buying process for your customers based on an analysis of their buying habits and practices. Discusses areas in the ordering process that hinder buying decisions and then offers solutions to remove these obstacles permanently. Provides an example of a sales order, invoice, purchase order and return authorization form.
    224K 35p.

  20. (Index)
    Getting INSURANCE
    Outlines the three basic categories of insurance coverage. Describes 21 common types of small business insurance. Presents 7 steps for developing an insurance plan. Provides 15 strategies to help readers get the best insurance coverage for their budget. Explains the importance of developing risk-management strategies that can help limit insurance needs, reduce premiums and provide greater protection.
    230K 44p.

  21. (Index)
    Protecting Your Intellectual Property with COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS&TRADEMARKS
    Explains the details of copyright, trademark and patent protection. Describes 12 additional ways your can protect your ideas including suing for libel or breach of confidence.
    234K 51p.

  22. (Index)
    Understanding business LAWS, REGULATIONS and ETHICAL CODES
    Describes important business related American and Canadian laws and the regulatory agencies responsible for enforcing those laws. Provides a list of over 30 regulatory and ethical codes and how they affect the way a business should be run.
    203K 28p.

  23. (Index)
    LICENSING Your Operations
    Summarizes how to register a business in either the U.S. or Canada. Provides a registration checklist as well as 2 charts that outline common types of retail and services businesses that require special licenses.
    204K 37p.

  24. (Index)
    Gives 4 strategies to help readers select the right bank for their checking account, 4 strategies to help them get the most out of their checking account, and 4 strategies to help them get the most out of their savings. Also shows how to fill out a bank deposit slip and 10 ways readers can improve their credit rating.
    158K 20p.

  25. (Index)
    Finding and Hiring Qualified PERSONNEL
    Describes important issues in the recruiting process. Gives 5 strategies for finding job applicants, 4 strategies for hiring the right people and 9 reasons not to hire anyone. Explains 7 important areas of employee compensation. Underscores the importance of writing a job description and employee handbook (provides examples). Shows how to develop an application form and improve your interviewing skills. Concludes by listing a collection of over 200 interview questions under 4 categories.
    305K 68p.

  26. (Index)
    Explains the pros & cons of using a temp service for general, office and executive help as well as the pros & cons of leasing employees. Also summarizes how to contract an ad agency, consultants, recruitment agencies, models, payroll services, photographers, and sales representatives. Details the ins & outs of hiring casual labor and how to create a consortium of professionals.
    196K 36p.

  27. (Index)
    Weighing the Pros & Cons of EXPANSION
    Outlines when a company should actively pursue growth, how fast it should expand and how big it should become. Highlights the advantages of being small and the advantages of being big. Also outlines the major components of an expansion budget.
    165K 21p.

  28. (Index)
    Establishing a Long-term STRATEGIC PLAN
    Describes step-by-step how to organize and run a strategic planning session. Includes how to assess your current situation, redefine your mission statement, quantify long-term goals, establish tactical objectives, delegate responsibilities and monitor progress. Comes with an easy-to-use progress report form.
    179K 26p.

  29. (Index)
    Starting & Operating a MANUFACTURING Business
    Summarizes 8 different types of manufacturing businesses. Provides 12 manufacturing start-up strategies and 9 manufacturing operating strategies. Explains special budgeting considerations in manufacturing operations.
    185K 23p.

  30. (Index)
    Starting & Operating a WHOLESALE Business
    Summarizes 6 different types of wholesale operations. Provides 12 wholesaling start-up strategies and 9 wholesaling operating strategies.
    158K 17p.

  31. (Index)
    Starting & Operating a RETAIL Business
    Summarizes the similarities and differences between outlet and non-outlet retailers. Provides 12 retailing start-up strategies and 9 retailing operating strategies. Also provides 11 window display strategies and 13 common mistakes made by small retailers.
    242K 38p.

  32. (Index)
    Starting & Operating a SERVICE Business
    Summarizes 7 types of service business and what makes the service industry unique. Provides 12 service business start-up strategies and 9 services business operating strategies. Also provides a general plan of action for starting a consulting service and a more specific plan of action for starting an image consulting service. 
    172K 22p.

  33. (Index)
    Starting & Operating a MAIL ORDER Business
    Summarizes 3 types of mail order businesses. Provides 23 mail order start-up strategies and 55 mail order operating strategies.
    206K 41p.

  34. (Index)
    Starting & Operating an IMPORT/EXPORT Business
    Provides 12 importing start-up strategies and 9 importing operating strategies. Also provides 7 exporting start-up strategies and 9 exporting operating strategies.
    214K 40p.

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days combines the best features and benefits of the The Entrepreneurs' Guidebook Series  in an easy-to-use format! It is a key tool in getting you informed, getting you motivated, and getting your business plan written and your business started!

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