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March 2
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Free Business Software Links - Shareware, Freeware, Trial Offers
Free Shareware Download Sites

Business Software Links
Software solutions for your small business

THE following is a list of over 40 sites on the World Wide Web where you can download Freeware or Shareware for your computer. These sites offer the best money can't buy. 

    1. CGI-Resources
      Great CGI scripts for webmasters. Survey scripts, web traffic analyzers, WWWboards and more!

    2. Nonags
      Great shareware and freeware. Like the name says, software here doesn't nag you to make a purchase. Closest you can get to free shareware.

    3. CNET's
      Download the most popular, newest, and best software for free - updated daily.

    4. ZDNet's Software Library
      Offers shareware, freeware and demo downloads updated daily. Reviews top rated shareware. Also worth checking out is their small business page.

    5. Jumbo Archive
      The Jumbo Archive has business applications, games, utilities, multimedia and lots more. Over 93,000 shareware and freeware titles. Highly recommend surfing.

    6. Filez 
      Search page with an index of over 60 million files and all the popular corporate and shareware sites.

    7. CGI Resource Index 
      Over 2634 CGI related resources listed. Great for developing your website: counters, access statistics, wwwboards, survey scripts and more.  

    8. DaveCentral Shareware Archivel 
      Linux and windows software. Dave features a friendly interface and overall the site is faster and easier to navigate than the bigger sites.  

    9. is one of the most important shareware web sites period. Over 250,000 software files hosted by c|net. A nice complement to c/net's More comprehensive.

    10. File Pile 
      FilePile is the world's largest indexed collection of shareware and freeware files, with over 1 million files in its collection. If you need drivers, applications, games or pictures, you'll find what you need here!

    11. Microsoft
      Microsoft offers a variety of beta software, web browsers & viewers, web publishing tools, product add-ons, updates & trail versions. Bookmark this site. It is well worth a look every now and then.

    12. File Mine
      Over 100,000 searchable files. Build a personal download list that's saved for your next visit. Features Win, Mac, DOS, Unix, Amiga, Atari, OS/2.

    13. SBA's Business Shareware Library
      Contains 537 shareware, freeware and public domain programs to help you start, finance, or expand your business. Although many of the files contained in this shareware library are a little outdated, there are many excellent finds. This site also contains numerous .txt files such as "Pricing Your Products," "Management Issues for the Growing Business" and "Human Resources Management."

    14. SharePaper
      Reviews the best shareware... you can download! Check out their TOP 20 business software reviews for top downloads.

    15. Galt Shareware Zone
      Unlike a lot of the large archives that bury visitors under thousands of files, Galt reviews and lists only the programs they consider to be the very best. They provide everything from basic information on downloading and unzipping files, to recommendations on the very best software from all over the Internet.

    16. Pass the Shareware Please
      It's a software junkies dream URL. Refreshing, unique looking site.

    17. TUCOWS
      Free software. Links to TOP 20 lists. Many mirror sites around the world for faster downloads.

    18. Washington University FTP Archive
      Offers FREE Linux programs and more.

      Programs have screenshots, reviews and author info. All programs are on servers to assure fast, complete download. All new discussion groups!

    20. SoftSeek
      The Source for Software - Shareware, Freeware and Evaluation Software.

    21. Shareware Junkies.Com
      Shareware evaluations. They test the shareware for you.

    22. Shareware Author indeX (SAX)
      Reference site for shareware homepages. Find over 1900 shareware homepages, 800 authors, reviews, downloads, order-forms.

    23. Clicked Shareware Gallery
      Top shareware apps in all major categories; download for free what you need to survive on the net.

    24. TUDOGS
      Free software and services reviewed and graded. Includes clipart, animation, webtools, games, windows, music, web design, education, and special recipes. Specializes in Gratis software.

    25. SoftwareLibrary
      The main purpose of the Software Library is to provide a one stop source for the new user of the Internet. A way to find cost efficient, affordable and even free software to make their on-line easier.

    26. Sarum Shareware Page
      Shareware & communications software. and freeware for Windows 95 and DOS.

    27. UK Shareware
      UK & European top shareware downloads.

    28. My Shareware Page
      Carries shareware and freeware for Windows 95 and NT. 

    29. Queen's University MAC Archive
      A well organized and easy to use download site sponsored by the institution. (Especially good for MAC utility programs).

    30. SoftLock SoftShop
      Shareware and other assorted goodies. Online shop for electronically distributed software and books using the unique SoftLock system.

    31. Sander's KeyScreen Previewer
      Preview and download more than 1200 key screen shots of shareware and freeware.

    32. OS/2 Shareware Collection
      Some OS/2 Warp optimized applications and system utilities.

    33. Software Labs
      Every Program thoroughly tested, fully functional, easily installed, technical support, screen shots and more! Shareware library.

    34. IDG Books "Free & Downloadable"
      From the creators of the Dummie(R) series, this site contains a collection of odd knick-knacks.

    35. RSL Skytouch Software Vault
      An extensive Macintosh shareware/freeware site for utilities on the Web.

    36. Intuit Inc.
      QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software are popular accounting software solutions. Check out Intuit for any new test drive offers. Worth a peek. 

    37. WiNDeX - The Windows Index
      FREE SOFTWARE! The best shareware and FREEWARE archive on the net. Themes, fonts, Winsock, games, & more... 

    38. Silicon Alley
      Idiosyncratic shareware & freeware for PCs. Also, math & physics FAQs and help for HTML authors.

    39. SoftBear Shareware
      Shareware, Freeware, Screen Savers, and Contests!

    40. Shareware from AMC Software
      Netware, Shareware and Freeware utilities.

    41. OnTop
      Shareware & Freeware for Windows 95.

    42. Download.Net
      From classic arcade games, to the latest games. Also a comprehensive Winsock section, desktop application section and internet utilities.

    43. Software Site
      A comprehensive listing of shareware for PCs. Includes descriptions, reviews, screen-dumps, and shareware library. 

    44. MacUtilities Page
      Unique MAC utilities.

    45. FLFSoft, Inc.
      Microsoft windows freeware & shareware (HTML editor & utilities).

    46. Dr. Shareware's "Shareware and Freeware"
      This site includes shareware as well as freeware. This site also contains links to other download sites.

    47. ESM Software's Shareware for Windows
      Shareware for Windows, Win95, WinNT - Many screen savers. 

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