Learning English With the Internet

General English Program II Review/Survey

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer ALL  questions in Parts I, II and III.

Part I
Fill in the missing words (correct spelling is important):

  1. Once upon a time, there lived a small girl on .

  2. There was a man who took care of a .

  3. I like rock, and traditional Korean music.

  4. What's when you go shopping for clothes?

  5. He looks for a woman who is .

  6. Has a movie ever given you nightmares or ?

  7. Who did she with?

  8. Which actress do you  the most talented?

  9. Bad skin is caused by .

  10. There was a who took care of the boats.

Part II
Listen to the following audio clips and fill in the missing words:

  1. What can I get you

  2. Actually, I'm not from . Why don't you ask that man over there?

  3. I usually read . In fact, I think reading is the most important way of improving your English.  

  4. Music allows us to express emotions we cannot express with .

  5. No, not exactly. He's from America. But he lived in Switzerland three years ago. He misses the mountains and his . She lives there too.

Part III
Answer ALL of the following questions (read each question very carefully):

  1. Do you like learning English with the Internet?

    YES! It's very interesting.
    It's okay.
    No, not really.
    Absolutley not! I hate it! (explain why you hate it)

  2. If you were to study English using the Internet, what would you like to DO or LEARN the most (pick one)?

    Get an email account and learn how to send email to friends.
    Learn email writing strategies.
    Find a foreign email pen pal.
    Listen to recorded conversations and fill in missing words.
    Play puzzle games in English (Hangman, Bingo, X-word).
    Participate in writing stories, signing guestbooks, etc..
    Learn how to use chatlines and chat with people from all over.
    Find programs to study English in other countries.
    Learn how to create an English Web page.
    Learn how to search the Web for information and pictures.
    Other: (please explain below what you would like to learn)

  3. Would you be interested in taking a course on how to learn English using the Internet? Suppose SMU offered a course on "How to Learn English With the Internet." This course would be offered during the semester break for four weeks. Instructor and students would meet four times a weeks, two hours a day (total: 32 hours of instruction). Each day the class would spend one hour in a classroom (learning chat dialogs, email skills, etc.), and one hour in the computer lab. Would you be interested in taking this course?

    Yes. Sounds like a good idea.
    Yes. But it would depend on how much it costs.
    Yes. But only if it was fun.
    Yes. But only if men could join the course too.
    Maybe? But it would depend on the content.
    No. I would not be interested.
    No. I'm too busy.
    No. I don't like computers.
    No. I have to go back to my home town.

    Which month would you prefer to take this course (pick one)?

    What time would you prefer to take this course (write your time preference e.g., 9-11, 10-12, 1-3, 2-4, 6-8)?

  4. How much money would you be willing to pay for this 4-week course?

    The same as other courses offered by SMU during the
          semester break.
    I would be willing to pay a little more, because we get
          to use the computer, and it sounds interesting.
    I'm not sure. It would depend on what others thought about
          the course after they took it. If they thought it was good, I
          would pay the regular rate.
    Nothing! Why should I pay. I can use the Internet for Free.
    OTHER: Write down how much you would  be willing to pay
          for this 4-week course.

  5. What do you think of the idea of offering this course FREE for one week. Then, if students who signed up liked it, and wanted to continue, they would then pay the total fee?

    I don't think it should be offered free. People should pay for
          it first just like any other course.
    Sounds like a great idea. I would sign up!
    If I liked the course, I would pay after one week.
    Good idea, but after one week, I would probably just quit.
    I'm not interested in this course even if it' was offered
          completely free.
    OTHER: (write comments) 

IMPORTANT: It is very important that you fill in your Name, ID#, and MY# before you press "submit."



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