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Flash Quiz: Swim, Swims, Swimmining Swam, Swum

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Acronyms and Email Quiz

Flash Quiz
Swim, swam or swum.

Love Quiz
Find the truth about your dreams and goals. Amazing!

Vocabulary Quizzes
Good for beginners, with pictures.

Dave's Quizzes
Lots of grammar quizzes.

Play Golf Quiz
Can you choose the correct form of the verb?

Super Quiz Machine
Get a new set of randomly-chosen questions each time you visit the page.

Free Online TOEFL
Free ESL Games and TOEFL Tests

Random Quiz
Lots of TOEFL and TOEIC  practice questions.

Quiz Test 
Emoticons, Acronyms, Opposites ...

15 Quizzes from Quia!
Recommended visit.

Self-study Quizzes
Lots of Quizzes for ESL Students.

Proverbs Quiz
230 Proverbs. Guess the missing word.